Invitation to participate in the 4rd Women’s Run Siegen 2021

Dear women!
We would like to invite the women from the twin towns of the Siegen-Wittgenstein district to participate in this special run for women. Since 2018, a big women’s race yearly has taken place in Siegen. The first two women’s races in Siegen were a great experience. Already last year we offered a Women’s Run which could be run everywhere. The concept to complete the run in one week was a success. Over 1000 women started and had a lot of fun.
Like last year, big sporting events unfortunately still can not take place as usual. Nevertheless, we would like to inspire many women to participate and hope for registrations for our special event.

The 9-member Women’s Run Competence Team and the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein would like to keep the idea of town twinning alive, especially in times of the Corona pandemic, and invite the women in the twin towns and communities to participate.

The best part: Through the commitment of the sponsors and partners the participation will be free of charge for all women. Personalized race numbers will be sent to each participant by mail after registration. After the completed run, a finisher certificate can be downloaded online. The race will take place from September 5th to 11th and will be privately organized by the runners themselves. It is up to the women whether they want to run alone or in small groups – of course, every run always has to orientate on hygiene protection measures.

Those who do not want to run, but still want to be a part of the event, are welcome to swim, cycle, inline skating, wheelchair or do any other sports. Women with disabilities and handicaps of course are warmly invited to participate.
For the performance-oriented runners, a 6.6 km distance is waiting to be evaluated. Therefore the run has to be fully tracked by app or smartwatch.

Register now and become a part of the Women’s Run Siegen community!

We are looking forward to you:
Rosa Baum, Renate Hoffmann, Ilka Kaltschmidt, Petra Gahr, Marlene Stettner, Ulla Baum, Alexandra Netzer, Vanessa Oster, Gudrun Kobalz from Siegen